• How to find our Products?

    AMEDEE has a dedicated distribution network.
    Please contact us, we will put you in contact with our local team.

  • What type of quality control are realized?

    Quality control are carried out on our product on a regular basis using accredited independent laboratories.
    (Halophenols and Haloanisoles, Pesticides : organochlorine/organophosphoric/pyrethroid , Benzo(a)pyrene, etc.)

  • Do you take Ecology in account in your products?

    Yes, At AMEDEE every decision we make tries to integrate the economic, social and environmental perspectives.

  • What is the regulation of my country?

    The regulation evolves on a permanent basis. Please be very cautious and contact your local administration. AMEDEE decline all responsibilities in the miss use of its product.
    The European regulation (EC No. 606/2009) of 10 July 2009 authorizes the addition of pieces of oak wood to wines, including musts during fermentation. Such wood must come only from Quercus species and must not have undergone any processing other than toasting. Granulometry of shavings must be such that at least 95% in weight is retained by a net with 2mm mesh.