We provide chips from selected seasoned French and American Oak. We take special care in the sourcing of our wood; which, is seasoned to perfection in the South Western climate of France. The balance of sunlight, heat, rain, and sourcing combined with our quality controls assures you the best possible oak chips to master your wine making.

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Amédée’s Staves come in a wide range of thickness and toasting giving you multiple ways of enhancing aromas, structure and age ability in your wines while at the same time imparting the flavors consumers are searching for.

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Extend the life or your barrel. Amédée’s ZIG-ZAG are easy to use mini-staves sets that offer the similar effect of new barrel at about 10% of the costs while giving you more control over tannin extraction. ZIG-ZAG'S are made with food grade alimentary stainless steel.

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For 5 generations we have served the wine industry.
Amédée represents past traditions and future trends. We want to be a part of your legacy as well.


Tasting & Experimenting

Amédée is a dedicated partner helping you making your wine. Not only we provide great products, but also we position ourselves to help you reach your goal by series of tasting.
It is with the will of the deep comprehension of your product and your need, associated with the background of a cooper and a winemaker that we strive for excellence.

Research & Development

By creating partnership with specialists, Amédée is refining every field of understanding and each single steps of his process. This makes us able to provide you the most coherent and reproducible product while respecting the true nature of the oak.

Wood Sourcing

Wood species, Soil, Climate, Size and Shape of the tree, nothing is more important than the quality of the raw product. At Amédée, we dedicate ourselves to quality sourcing.

Our Wood comes from either the French or the Northern American Forest.

Wood Seasoning

The sun, the air, the wind and the water associated with time are our tools for seasoning the wood, and the Southwestern of France provides us a great combination of those.
We season the French oak for 24 to 32 month and the American oak to at least 12 month. This special care enable us to dramatically lower the bitterness and the astringency of our product.

Wood Toasting

At Amédée we carried out the cooper know-how of toasting to enhance aromas and structure. We developed specific machinery and heating curve in association to the wood moisture content and shape in order to have an homogenous and reproducible toasting.



Our roots comes from the vine and our history comes from the oak. Amédée is striving for excellence through respecting traditions in accordance with the newest technologies. Our wide range of experiences from wood sourcing, barrel making to winemaking enable us to best comprehend the need and will of our clients.

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